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How We Got Here

Alpha Pure was started with one woman, two corns, and a whole lot of dissatisfaction about the options on the market. Like many of us, Diana is a runner who uses exercise to relax and destress.


She decided to experiment with ingredients in her cupboard because nothing available on the market allowed her to continue running pain-free.  After combining salicylic acid in different concentrations, Diana only applied her corn remover liquid three times before her corns disappeared. She was thrilled and pain-free within the first two days!


Knowing that others suffer as she did from painful corns, Diana shared the serum with her friends and family. But why stop there? Her husband encouraged her to take this formula to UCSF, where she could consult clinical minds and archives.


The clinical research master’s program propelled the evolution of her product to what it is today. Diana had only one thing to do once she found out her solution was already backed by clinical research: make it known to people like you.


Diana knows firsthand that none of us should have to give up our passions because of discomfort or pain. Three years after Diana had to put running on hold because of the incessant corns, Alpha Pure was born and HeloClear, corn remover liquid, made it to market.


Originally developed for the love of feet,🦶 HeloClear founder Diana, a chemical engineer, clinical researcher, and marathon runner, continued on her quest for natural & vegan remedies by expanding into vegan skin care and wellness supplements. 


Founder & Creator

Diana is a driven and enthusiastic Chemical Engineer with an MBA, with one foot in philanthropy and the other in life science. She focuses on biotech and pharmaceutical consultancy and research and has honed her expertise by authoring clinical studies, in management positions, and through the interpretation of scientific data. She founded Alpha Compliance Services Inc. and has been consulting on medical products for the better part of two decades.

Diana received a Master’s of Science in Clinical Research at UCSF School of Medicine and plans to apply her well-rounded knowledge to skin problems. She’s passionate about helping people through her scientific pursuits, and with this goal in mind, will continue to produce effective solutions to everyday problems.

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